Board of Directors

Larry Evans, P.E. 

President, CEO

Larry joined Forsgen in 1994 to open the Boise Division office. In 1999, he was elected to the Board of Directors. He was appointed Director of Operations in 2018 and President/CEO in 2020. Larry is responsible for overall company growth and profitibility. He oversees company-wide operations, strategic planning, and business development activities.

Alan Driscoll

VP, Division Manager - Sacramento

Mr. Driscoll’s 25 years of mineral exploration, mine development, regulatory compliance, and consulting experience make him an ideal choice to lead our planning, permitting, design, and reclamation services for exploration and mining companies. He has also managed water and environmental projects for utilities, special districts, agencies, and private entities. He has a long history of building and maintaining relationships with regulatory agencies, local communities, industry advocates, and other special interest groups in order to expedite projects.

Stephen Waldinger, P.E. 

VP, Division Manager - Boise

Mr. Waldinger has more than 28 years of experience in the transportation industry. His expertise includes developing and managing roadway and bridge projects for numerous state departments of transportation. He routinely assesses, plans, evaluates, and develops alternatives to enhance infrastructure. He is skilled in communicating the rationale for recommended solutions, seeking and incorporating guidance and requested design changes by clients and regulatory agencies, and in addressing citizen concerns for transportation projects.

Wilbur "Will" Koger, P.E. 

VP, Division Manager - Denver

Mr. Koger's experience designing, constructing and managing civil/municipal works projects spans more than 36 years. He began his career as a Civil Engineering Officer in the U.S. Air Force, spending four years tending to the infrastructure of military facilities in the US. His expertise includes innovation in water supply, treatment, storage and distribution along with wastewater collection and treatment and stormwater management. He excels at consensus-building, with a knack for untangling complicated water supply relationships. His ability to identify and bring together a variety of funding sources in support of client projects is unique in the industry.       

Kevin Harris, P.E. 

VP, Division Manager - Rexburg

Mr Harris holds 24 years’ civil engineering experience with a specialty in water system modeling and design, hydraulic analysis, and facility planning studies. He holds demonstrated skill in coordinating with regulatory agencies such as the Department of Environmental Quality, the USDA Rural Development, and the Army Corps of Engineers to protect Waters of the United States. He has a background in evaluation and remediation of fresh water sources and a passion for protecting those water resources and the environment. Kevin grew up in a small farming community and takes pride in ‘giving back to his roots’ by helping small communities deal with the infrastructure needs of growing populations.